Hiroko Oshima

大嶋 寛子
​略歴(Brief CV)  
香川県高松市市出身 画家 研究者 デザイナー
現在、香川短期大学経営情報科デザイン・アートコース 准教授
1994 美術団体RYU会員  
1998 多摩美術大学芸術学部絵画学科油画専攻卒業
2001 英国ノーサンブリア大学芸術学部大学院修士課程修了
2010 英国ノーサンブリ大学芸術学部大学院博士課程修了

さかいでArtグランプリ’98 佳作受賞(1998)
史跡高松城 玉藻公園 披雲閣にて和のコンテンポラリー2017 in Japan(2017),
ニューカッスル・Baltic39にて和のコンテンポラリー2016 in England (2016),
香川県文化会館にて和のコンテンポラリー2013、2015(2013, 2015),
ノーサンブリア大学にて「Japan to Northumbria」展(2008), 
英国アニック・ベイリフゲート・ミュージアムにて「Members Only」展(2008)
博士論文「英国と日本における芸術家グループとその個の芸術家への影響 (Artists’ Groups in Japan and the UK and Their Impact on the Creative Individual)」 PhD論文、Northumbria University, 2010.
翻訳 D.W.S.グレイ 「テリー・ダウリング:仕上げの一筆 (Terry Dawling: Nailing of the Top Piece)」 英日翻訳 誠文堂新光社「アイデア」 315

Hiroko Oshima (Born in Takamatsu, Japan, 1975)
I am a Japanese art practitioner specialising in painting and graphic design, living and working in Takamatsu, Japan. I am a member of the Ryu Art Group since 1994, and an associate professor at Kagawa Junior College, teaching contemporary art and graphic design.
My practice-based research explores an alternative insight to the existing concept of individuality in visual art through an examination of the meaning of being individual for visual art practitioners, particularly for those who operate in an artists’ group setting.
PhD Fine Art, School of Arts & Social Sciences, Northumbria University, U.K, 2002-2010
MA Fine Art, School of Arts & Social Sciences, Northumbria University, U.K, 1999-2001
BA Fine Art, Department of Painting, Faculty of Art, Tama Art University, Japan, 1994-1998.
1998, Honorable Mention, Sakaide Art Grand Prix 1998, Sakaide, Japan
Wa no Contemporary 2017 in Japan, Hiunkaku, Takamatsu Castle, Japan, 2017
Hamano & RYU in Slovenia: Works on paper, Gorenjski Muzej, Kranj, Slovenia.
Wa no Contemporary 2016 in England, Baltic39, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 2016
Wa no Contemporary 2013/2015 in Japan, Kagawa Cultural Hall, Takamatsu, Japan, 2013, 2015
Doctoring the evidence, Newcastle College, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 2014
Solo Exhibition:
Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 2010.
Japan to Northumbria, NorthumbriaUniversity, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 2008
Members Only, Bailiffgate Museum, Alnwick, UK, 2008
Doctoral thesis Artists’ Groups in Japan and the UK and their impact on the creative individual, Northumbria University, UK, 2010.
Translation  D.W.S. Gray Terry Dawling: Nailing of the Top Piece, IDEA 315, Kobunshinko-sya, Japan, 2006

感応/Resonance, 100×65cm, 2013, Acryl on paper
龍門/Dragon’s Gate, 162×162cm, 2016, Acryl on canvas
幻流/Imaginary flow, 100×70cm, 2018, Acryl on canvas
幽玄/The depth beyond, 100×70cm, 2019, Acryl on canvas